Monday, January 16, 2012


I am saying least for now, to this blog. The idea of a family blog was not a bad idea. But sadly, I have lost enthusiasm as I stuggled to keep up and get approval for what I wish to post. I am starting a blog, all my own. One I can spend my own views and opinions in without fear of angering or annoying anyone (I hope!)
So, it's onto new things. The time seems right since it is a new year and since neither I nor anyone else have not posted on the family blog for many months now...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

G'la: My year of Restoration, Renewal. Refreshment.

There are only a few hours left in my 50th year. When I wake up tomorrow, I will be 51. So of course, at the moment, I am savoring the last little bits of my jubilee year.
I remember how intrigued I was when I first heard the story from the Old Testament about how every 50th year was very special in God's order of things. I have always like the idea of how in the Lord's economy, claims on people and land were not without an end.
It stood to reason then, that in my 50th year, I would seek to be freed of some things. I cast some old habits aside. I let go of some traditions that were more stressful than meaningful. I tried to edit from my life some things that were stressful period.
This year, I am looking to replace those things with others that are useful, helpful, peaceful. I am looking at who and what in my life would provide the most restoration: from grueling schedules and a harsh world. Renewal: of those things which mean something and need to be kept. Refreshment: frequent fostering of myself, my health, my relationships...
the third word (refreshment) I picked up at a Bible study on the book of Isaiah I am currently participating in. The word keeps coming up in the text of our lessons and from the words of Scripture.
In the nursery, we used to have those little shortbread cookies with the hole in the middle. I remember putting them on my fingers (as did many others) and eating around the edges of the cookie until it was gone. That was what refreshment constituted back in the day.
I still like shortbread, but these days, I am leaning toward the spiritual kind of nourishment to the soul. I would trade koolaid or fruit juice anytime, for a drink of the Living Water.
I say this to explain why I am looking forward to 51. I didn't expect to, necessarily. But fifty was so good to me, how could I not...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

heart month

it's officially february. since the month is short i am going to try and fill as much love into it as possible. i have dubbed it, in my mind, heart month. just as i count my blessings in november, so i ponder the things i love most in february.
here is my list: begun today and carried through the end of the month.
1. I love God. I am so thankful to call Him my Father. I am the child of the Most High God through the sacrifice of His son, my Savior, Jesus. My love for Him grows daily. All else is seen through a lens of that love...

Monday, January 31, 2011

goodbye to january 2011

in just a few minutes, it will be no longer be january 2011. i cannot say that i am sorry to say goodbye, for a long, hard month january 2011 has been. as i write this, it is sleeting hard outside. shards of ice hitting the glass of the windows sharply. i am thankful to be safe and warm inside from temperatures that may set new records.
i am thankful, too, that there are, among the harshness, some goodness and joy. those are what i will recall here and endeavor to remember...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Adventures in the New Year (already)

If the first few days of the new year are any indication, 2011 will be a year of adventure. We rang in the new year at home with good friends. A surprise visit from an auld acquaintance was the highlight of New Year's Day. We sent off the weekend with the celebration of our Amy's 30th Birthday, an event we called "Amy in Wonderland." The birthday girl's little sister and her bff pulled out all the stops on decorations. A good time was had by all..
A cold artic blast, a dusting of snow, several long days and nights necessitated by huge dockets and a local crime spree followed. The second weekend of the new year we spent recovering from the first weekend and week.
My hope is that soon we will be settling down to a familiar routine. But I am generally up for adventure...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11; the start of a good year!

New Year's Day, 2011.
Seminole, Oklahoma.
There's been 15 bean soup simmering in the crock pot all day. A group of friends said goodbye to the old year and hello to the new at midnight with sparkling cider, good music and conversation. We watched the Tim Burton version of "Alice in Wonderland" in anticipation of Miss Amy Elizabeth Arnold's 30th birthday party, which has an "Alice" theme. Amy's Daddy and her niece, Miss Emma Elizabeth Arnold, went to Edmond to pick her up, while others of us (Amy's mama and sister and our good friend Alicia) worked on decorations for the party.
Our friend Charley Taylor came to spend the afternoon with us. Charley and Amy share the same birthday so it was only fitting that we take the two of them out to dinner. More good conversation and a lot of laughs (as is always the case when Charley is around) were the highlights of the evening, along with some chinese food.
Because of the soup, it smells like New Year's Day. Because of the company and talk of news and resolutions, it sounds like New Year's. A shiny arrangement and our own rendering of the Baby New Year, make it look like New Year's.
If today is an indication, as it is said to be, of the course of the year, it will be a good one.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

yuletide's ending

i am listening to my favorite Christmas cd's one last time as i pack away the decorations. the turn around time to have the house ready for yet another big event is short. much like the holiday. the season is too short for me. always. it comes too quickly and leaves as fast! i am putting away the ornaments and Christmas china grudgingly. it will be almost a whole year before i see the nutcrackers and santas again. our beoved nativity. the paper mache angels. i love having them on display. i have sat, more than one evening in december, in the quiet of the house at bedtime, just drinking in the beauty of the lights reflecting off crystal icicles and snowflakes.
an amaryllis and two gorgeous poinsettias and some paper whites we planted in november will be the only holiday decor remaining by bedtime tonight. soon the wreaths and swags will be taken down and their hangers gathered to be stored once again. i keep the Christmas cards and letters in a wire basket until new years with the birthday and anniversary cards and graduation and birth announcements that tell the story of the year 2010 in our household. they will be tied with a wide ribbon and stored with those from previous year's, too, soon.
i have savored the season. enjoyed it in full, so i should not be so sad to see it ending...yet somehow i am