Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Blog

I've wanted for us to have a blog for a long time. As demanding as Tommy's job is and as much computer work as he has to do, I wasn't about to ask him to make one for me. Fortunately, my beautiful and talented neice, Kelli Ann, offered to get me set up to do one myself. Perhaps she was feeling generous after eating her Granny Carol's home cooked meal or perhaps she is just a sweetie. (By the way, she is also the youngest nurse practitioner in the state of Oklahoma and the mother of a brilliant and handsome one-year-old -- and I would report those things even if she were not sitting right here helping me post this!)
I am taking notes and trying to pay good attention so I can do this all on my own from here on out. Kelli Ann's blog, by the way, is rockin'. (You can see it at: therollinsruckus.blogspot.com) My law school classmate, Linda Bailey, also has a blog I have admired for some time. Now I have one, too, though it will take some practice to approach Linda and Kelli Ann's level!

Kelli Ann and Reid Jackson Rollins