Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello, I'm Bentley...

Bentley Carlos Arnold.
I am two months old.
I was born May 2, 2010 under the potting table in my mom’s back yard.
Mom is a blonde lab.
They say I look just like my Dad.
I have two brothers and a sister.
We were supposed to be born on May 5, 2010 which is Cinco de Mayo.
My pet, G.G. Arnold and her friends, had Mexican names picked out for us.
One chose Jorge. One wanted Jose. And one said Jesus. I like that name. but they named me for a car and someone in a movie. That’s okay. I like the way my little friend Emma says it.
My sister lives at Emma’s house, with Emma and her sister and their mama. She is called Evangeline Pink. Her first name is for someone in a movie, too. Her second name is for Emma’s favorite color.
One of my brothers is a town dog. He is the color of caramel. He lives in a town where my pet, Katie goes to college. He has the most toys, I think.
My other brother is a country dog. He is blonde like our sister and mom. He lives in Bowlegs, Oklahoma.
I knew when the big man pet bathed me he was going to keep me. He said he was not playing favorites but that he was worn out after he got me bathed. Some visitors to the house said they knew playing favorites when they saw it.
For my one month birthday I got a chew bone. It is a color of blue that some of the people are calling “Bentley Blue.” I also have a collar that is the same color.
I am going to be living with Mom in the yard of a cottage house where I was born. that is nostalgic.
There are two house dogs at the Nostalgic Cottage. They don’t like me much. I chase them and try to play when they come outside but they nip and yip at me.
When I am not chasing the little house dogs, I spend a lot of these dog days of summer under the big magnolia tree, near the potting shed where we were born.
It is too hot in Mama's dog house and also in the shed, where the kiddie pool we all once slept in when we were new.
When the Big Man Pet waters plants in the evening, I cool off in the water of the garden hose. Maybe he will read this and know I want him to take that garden hose and fill up the nursery pool...