Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silver for brides

We went to a garden party on Saturday night in the lovely home of a lovely couple a lovely neighborhood.
It was, well, lovely.
I found myself there, chatting with the honoree, a lovely young attorney, her new husband and the hosts, who recently celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary, discussing wedding gifts.
Our gift to the couple was an antique silver tray, bought for them at auction.
I was explaining to her that I almost always give silver trays to brides. Though I knew couples just starting out needed linens and appliances that I wanted to give them something they would remember 30 years from now.
I spoke this words to her as preface to this story:
When I was newly married, almost 34 years ago, a friend of my mother-in-law said to me "where I come from, you just give brides siver!"
She said this to me at a bridal tea in which she was the hostess and I was the honoree.
As we were the opening gifts to be set out on tables for display, this lovely southern lady added, "I know you need towels and sheets and pots and pans, but 30 years from now you won't remember who gave you those."
As she handed me a package she announced prophetically," Honey, you're gonna remember me."
Of course, she was right. I do remember her. Everytime I take that tray out to serve cookies at some family event or some event for friends or when my girls have tea cakes or petit fours from that tray, as they have so many times at their tea parties, I think of her.
I am not sure whether my young friend will remember me or not. But I do hope she will have a lovely time using the tray.