Monday, September 6, 2010

so long to summer 2010

according to my calendar (the one i've carried in my head since childhood) tomorrow marks the first day of fall. the tuesday after labor day is the day i have long recognized as the official end to summer.
though i am putting away my white shoes and my white slacks, it will be a while, if the current temperatures are any indication, before we exchange sandals for boots. back to school and/or the start of the football season, mark the change of the seasons from summer to fall for a lot of people, but not me. when the clock strikes midnight, in just a few minutes, i will declare it to be autumn, 2010, though only the two maltipoos here on the couch with me will hear. (and yes, i think i know how little they care!)
with only 10 minutes remaining of summer 2010, i am going to list the top 10 most remarkable things (at least from my point of view) of this summer. in no particular order:
1. the trip by train i took with four friends/colleagues to a conference in boston.
2. the whale watching excusion we took while in boston.
3. my grandbaby's wild third birthday party.
4. a fantastic visit with relatives from louisiana.
5. having 7 dogs at one time to care for.
6. having my baby home between semesters.
7. all of the projects we completed while school was out and i was between jury terms.
8. Movies: both watching stacks of home movies for the first time in a very long time and going to see a chick flick with my aforementioned baby daughter and my mama.
9. how utterly sad my little kitchen garden has been given numbers 5 and 10.
10. the incredible heat. this was, for sure, one of the hottest summers i can recall.