Tuesday, November 16, 2010

o what a beautiful morning!

This was the scene as I walked outside this morning. A pleasant breeze was blowing leaves of all colors in a swirl around late blooming roses. Bells from a nearby church rang in the distance. The temperature was perfect. Bright sun. Puffy clouds. It was blissful. So much so that I stopped in my tracks and drank it in for several long minutes.
Days like this are too rare not to appreciate.

Evening breeze, full moon, pleasant moments...
Just a while ago, Tommy called me to the window to see an amazingly full moon, shining over our church across the street. He walked outside to take some photos and I followed, standing for a moment, once again, to feel a soft wind on my face, to listen to dogs barking somewhere nearby. This gentle fall evening needed recording here, along with a beautiful fall morning...